Weber Spirit E 310 vs Genesis E 310 – Comparison and Reviews

Weber Spirit E 310 vs Genesis E 310 review

Weber is one of the best-known grill manufacturers, so it’s not surprising that they make many different kinds of grills. Sure, they have the classic kettle-style charcoal grills and the wonderfully tailgate-ready Q-series. But if you want the best possible gas grill for your next barbecue, read this comparison. So let’s take a proper look … Read more

Napoleon vs Weber Ė Who is the King of Gas Grills?

napoleon vs weber grills

It’s the battle royale showdown between the two heavy-weight grill-making champions Ė Weber and Napoleon! Who will win your heart and your backyard? Seriously though, both companies make some outstanding grills. They both have a grill for every occasion and every budget. Let’s look at their offerings, from travel grills to high-end flagships. Looking for … Read more

Char Broil TRU Infrared Grill Reviews + TRU Infrared Technology Explained

Char Broil Tru Infrared Grill

Infrared grilling is the most exciting trend in outdoor cooking, harnessing the power of light for the ultimate barbecue experience. Create the juiciest burgers in record time using less fuel and with fewer flare-ups. Letís take a closer look at what powers Char-Broil TRU-Infrared grills and the features that make them must-haves. We will also … Read more

6 Best High-End Gas Grills that Are Worth the Money

Best premium gas grills

There are some things in life that are worth investing in. And a premium quality gas grill is definitely one of them. If you can afford to part with the money, the best high-end gas grills can provide decades of use and improve your cooking experience exponentially. These grills have the highest-quality components and the … Read more

Best Gas Grills with Rotisserie in 2021 Reviewed

gas grill with rotisserie

Your backyard grill can replace almost every cooking appliance in your house. But their utility at grilling very large pieces of meat is limited.  Enter the rotisserie Ė a cooking method that’s been used for thousands of years with perfect results. Cook whole chickens, turkeys or turkey breasts, gyros, and more at your own patio-side … Read more