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Best Gas Grills Under $1000 Reviewed – Natural Gas and Propane

It’s time to step up your grilling game!

When you have a higher budget, you can afford some of the newer bells and whistles that weren’t on your previous models. We have done the research and analyzed which features are worth the extra investment and which aren’t that important. 

Whether you’re looking for a propane or natural gas grill, a portable or a flat top model, we have included the best grills you can get for under $1000 in this guide.

Our recommendations for Best Gas Grill Under $1000:

Best Gas Grills Under $1000 Reviewed

In our review section below, you can find the best gas grills under 1000 dollars. After considering hundreds of options we chose the best models and included different types of units to suit various needs.

Below you can find a few more useful guides:

It’s time to take a look at our list of top picks in this price class. Here is our carefully selected list of recommended products:

Best Overall: Weber Genesis E-325s 3-Burner Propane / Natural Gas Grill (New 2022 Model)

Weber is a company with a stellar reputation and is known for their durable and user-friendly products. They also have excellent customer service and long warranties.

Genesis E-325s is no exception, and it’s one of the best 3-burner gas grills on the market. And the new 2022 version has been further improved in many aspects.

The grill features stainless steel burners and flavorizer bars, an excellent grease management system, upgraded metal swivel casters, and reliable ignition. In addition, the sear station is now larger and the sear burner more powerful to make sure you can get those steaks nice and crusty!

Weber Genesis E-325s Gas Grill New 2022


  • Fuel Type: Propane/natural gas
  • Number of Main Burners: 3
  • Additional Burners: 13,000 BTU sear burner
  • Total BTU: 52,000
  • Heat Flux: 76
  • Primary Grilling Area ( 513
  • Warming Rack Area ( 274
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Build Materials: Painted steel, stainless steel, and porcelain-coated cast iron (cooking grates)
  • Dimensions: 62″ x 27″ x 48.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Warranty: 12 years (cookbox and lid assembly), 10 (burners, grill grates, flavorizer bars), or 5 years (other parts)

Why the Genesis E-325s is Our Top Pick?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this grill the best in its price class:

Easy to Assemble and Use

The Genesis E-325s is quite easy to assemble and thanks to the clear instructions, it takes about 2 to 4 hours to get the job done.

As we can expect from Weber, the E-325s is stacked with great features that make grilling easier and more fun. It comes with stainless steel flavorizer bars that prevent flare-ups. They are also designed to vaporize the drippings and provide some smoky taste to your food. 

The outstanding grease management system makes cleaning a breeze.

Check out this short video to see how effortless it is to clean the grease tray:

How To Clean The Grease Tray | Weber Genesis 2022

The grill features a durable cart design with enclosed storage space for your grilling tools and accessories.

One thing I really like is that the gas tank can be placed in the cabinet under the cookbox where it’s out of sight but still quite accessible.

weber genesis propane tank
Place the gas tank in the cabinet where it’s out of sight and out of the way

Another great thing is that the grill is available for both types of fuel, propane, and natural gas. The propane gas models come with a fuel gauge.

Burners and Grilling Surface

The Genesis E-325s has three high-performance main burners that pump out 39,000 BTUs. The grilling area heats up evenly and quickly once it’s started. It’s also designed to retain the heat well, so you don’t consume a lot of fuel to keep it hot.

The 513 square inch main grilling area is big enough for 20 burgers. With an additional 274 square inches of warming area, you don’t run out of cooking space even when you’re having visitors. 

weber genesis grill grates
The porcelain-coated grill grates are sturdy and the larger grate can be replaced with Weber grillware items

The high-quality, porcelain-coated cast iron grates on the Genesis are durable and easy to clean. You can remove the larger grate on the right side and replace it with various grillware items from the new Crafted Outdoor Kitchen collection (more about this below).

Extra Features

The grill has two large side shelves that provide much needed prepping area and have six convenient built-in tool hooks to keep your BBQ tools nearby.

The powerful 13,000 BTU sear burner gives you some extra heat to sear those steaks and burgers.

Four heavy-duty locking casters make it easy to move the grill on an even surface.

If you need more versatility in your outdoor cooking, consider getting some additional grillware from Weber. The options include anything from roasting baskets and flat top griddles to pizza stones and rotisserie sets that can be inserted on the right side after lifting off the grill grate.

Note that if you want to use the rotisserie basket or skewer set you have to first buy the motorized rotisserie kit.


The unit is covered with a 12 or 10-year warranty for most parts. If you’re planning to store the grill outdoors, I recommend also getting a cover for it.

The Weber Genesis E-325s is an outstanding unit with a lot of power and great user feedback. This grill comes from an iconic brand with good value. This makes it our number one recommendation in the price class.

What We Love

  • Convenient design
  • Durable construction
  • Consistent heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Large grilling surface
  • Has a powerful sear burner
  • Comes with a fuel gauge (for propane)
  • Long warranty

What We Don’t

  • Rotisserie kit is not included (sold separately)

The Runner Up: Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas Grill

As usual, Napoleon challenges Weber with its high-quality Rogue series grill. If you don’t want to get the Weber Genesis for some reason, here is a great option. Napoleon Rogue 425 is a very stylish gas grill made with high-quality parts. 

This grill has a modern and sleek black exterior. The two large shelving wings on both the left and right sides provide plenty of room to set plates or utensils. It also has double doors for additional storage and integrated utensil holders.

Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas Grill


  • Fuel Type: Propane/natural gas
  • Number of Main Burners: 3
  • Additional Burners: 9,000 BTU infrared side burner
  • Total BTU: 45,000
  • Heat Flux: 85
  • Primary Grilling Area ( 425
  • Warming Rack Area ( 110
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Build Materials: Painted steel and stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 51″ x 24.5″ x 47.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Warranty: 15 years

With 425 square inches of grilling space and 110 square inches of warming area, it’s slightly smaller than the Weber Genesis. When it comes to grilling power and the number of burners, this one comes on top with 3 stainless steel burners and an infrared side burner providing a total of 45,000 BTUs of cooking power.

This grill features a Jetfire ignition system that is safe, easy, and reliable. The grill also has a very accurate Accu-Probe temperature gauge mounted on the hood.

Napoleon Accu Probe Temperature Gauge
The Rogue 425 comes with an accurate Accu-Probe temperature gauge

It has stainless steel cooking grids that give you those famous wave-shaped Napoleon sear lines. The main body is made of durable black, powder coated, galvanized steel, with a matching black porcelain enamel lid.

When style matters, the Rogue 425 is your best choice! It’s available as both propane and natural gas version.

What We Love

  • Stylish design
  • 3 high-quality stainless steel burners
  • Plenty of heating power
  • Comes with an infrared side burner
  • Durable high-quality construction
  • SafetyGlow illuminated control knobs
  • 15-year warranty on all parts

What We Don’t

  • Takes some effort to assemble

Best Built-In Option: Bull Outdoor Products Bronco Bullet 4 Burner Natural Gas / Propane Grill

There are not many built-in gas grills available in this price class. Yet, Bull offers an excellent option with its new 4-burner Bronco Bullet.

This is a large and powerful stainless steel grill that looks sleek and is built to last. Both natural gas and propane versions are available.

Bull Outdoor Products Bronco Bullet 4 Burner Natural Gas / Propane Grill


  • Fuel Type: Propane/natural gas
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Total BTU: 60,000
  • Heat Flux: 100
  • Primary Grilling Area ( 600
  • Warming Rack Area ( 210
  • Weight: 153.7 lbs
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel and heat-treated cast iron
  • Dimensions: 32.25″ x 25.25″ x 21.25″ (L x W x H)
  • Warranty: Lifetime (stainless steel cooking grids, frame, and housing), 3 years (stainless steel flame tamers), 2 years (burners), or 1 year (all other components)

The Bronco Bullet features 4 individually controlled burners that provide 60,000 BTUs of heating power across the large cooking surface. The grill has reliable Piezo igniters on every valve and provides even heat with no cold or hot spots.

It has a 14 gauge 304 stainless steel housing and stainless steel grates, which make the grill durable and stylish. If you are building an outdoor kitchen but don’t want to spend a fortune on a built-in grill, then the Bronco Bullet is a great option.

What We Love

  • Large grilling area
  • Plenty of heating power
  • Even heat distribution
  • Durable 14 gauge 304 stainless steel construction
  • Affordable for a built-in grill
  • Simple and reliable ignition system

What We Don’t

  • Some parts have only 1, 2, or 3-year warranty

Best Portable Option: Blaze Professional Marine Grade Propane Gas Grill

Here is a compact and portable grill that provides a solid cooking experience wherever you take it. And by wherever I mean in the backyard, camping, tailgating, or even on a boat trip.

When you read the “Marine Grade” portion of the product title, realize that they aren’t exaggerating. Its specially treated stainless steel exterior makes this grill resistant to saltwater corrosion.

Blaze Professional Marine Grade Portable Propane Gas Grill (1)


  • Fuel Type: Propane gas
  • Number of Main Burners: 1
  • Total BTU: 12,000
  • Heat Flux: 59
  • Primary Grilling Area ( 205
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Build Materials: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 27.13″ x 14.5″ x 13.13″ (L x W x H)
  • Warranty: Lifetime (except electrical and ignition components 1 year)

The Blaze Professional can take the rigors and the wear and tear of the ocean with the best of them, and still crank out some delicious morsels at sea. 

Of course, you can always just set it up in your yard. However, it’s nice to know how tough this unit is! 

It has short, squat legs, and it’s extremely portable. It’s best used as a tabletop grill but you can also place it on the ground.

The grill comes with nice features like the convenient push and turn flame-thrower ignition switch. It also has nice attention to details like the lid that locks down for safety and transportation ease.

The 205 square inch grilling surface is good for 8 burgers, so don’t expect to host big parties with this unit. In addition, it has only one burner, so creating heat zones is a bit difficult.

There are many options available when you’re buying this grill. The marine-grade version is actually one of the best boat grills available on the market. You can save a few hundred bucks by getting the regular version — it’s still made with durable 304 stainless steel. You can also invest some additional dough to get a sturdy pedestal to place it on.

If you’re looking for a high-grade portable grill that is built to last even in the most demanding conditions, this could be the perfect option for you.

What We Love

  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Portable
  • Can be mounted on a boat
  • Provides even heat

What We Don’t

  • Needs a table (unless you mount it or buy the pedestal)
  • Has only 1 burner
  • Small grilling area

Best Flat-Top Grill: Blackstone 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Griddle

This Blackstone 4 burner model is likely one of the best mid-range flat-top grills available. You will feel like a real professional when preparing a meal on this baby!

Perfect for a versatile griller who wants to have a flat-top ready for sausage, pancakes, fried eggs, or even heating up water pots.

Blackstone 1554 4-Burner Outdoor Grill and Griddle Station


  • Fuel Type: Propane gas
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Total BTU: 60,000
  • Heat Flux: 83
  • Cooking Area ( 720
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Build Materials: Powder-coated steel and rolled carbon 7-gauge steel (cooking surface)
  • Dimensions: 62.5″ x 22″ x 36″ (L x W x H)
  • Warranty: 1 year

This grill is big enough for even a large family! With 4-burners and 720 square inches of cooktop available, there will always be room to throw another burger on the griddle. The surface is made of rolled 7-gauge steel and is of the utmost quality.

It has two side shelves and a bottom shelf giving the griller plenty of room for storage. One great detail is that the other side table is also a cutting board and has a paper towel and a garbage bag holder. The large wheels and swivel casters allow you to easily move it around on an even surface.

Grilling purists might miss having the standard grates available as a cooking surface. Also, the standard warranty for this unit is only one year.

What We Love

  • Easy to use
  • Large cooking area
  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy built
  • Good grease management system

What We Don’t

  • No regular grilling grates

Want to check out more flat-top options? We also have a guide with the best flat-top grills on the market.

Best Compact Option: MHP JNR4DD Natural Gas / Propane Grill with In-Ground Post

Here is a slim and compact grill perfect for a small family’s use. It has 365 square inches of cooking surface and pumps out 30,000 BTUs of energy.

The grill is mounted on a post and so it has a sleeker and slimmer feel than some of the other units. You can also choose other more portable options like an aluminum cart.

MHP JNR4DD Natural Gas Grill (1)


  • Fuel Type: Propane/natural gas
  • Number of Main Burners: 2
  • Total BTU: 30,000
  • Heat Flux: 82
  • Primary Grilling Area ( 365
  • Warming Rack Area ( 129
  • Weight: 69 lbs
  • Build Materials: Cast aluminum and stainless steel (grates and burners)
  • Dimensions: 37.38″ x 22.75″ (L x W) + 48″ post
  • Warranty: Lifetime, 5 years, or 1 year (depending on part)

This is a sturdy grill with a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing that will last for many seasons even under high heat conditions. It has a foldable shelf that adds a place to set hot plates or finished food.

There is only one shelf though. So this unit lacks the shelving and storage that some of our reviewed items have.

Place this grill on your balcony, backyard, or patio, and you can enjoy cooking without sacrificing too much space! Both natural gas and liquid propane models are available.

What We Love

  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • Porcelain briquettes for precise heat

What We Don’t

  • Relatively small grilling surface

Large & Powerfull: Royal Gourmet 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Looking for a LARGE grill at a small price? Then this is what you need. This Royal Gourmet 6-burner grill is a beast!

This grill is big enough to cook for a small army, so if you routinely do a lot of grilling and entertaining, this could be the one for you. It’s one of our largest options and has room for a ton of food at over 795 square inches of total cooking space.

Royal Gourmet 6-Burner Gas Grill


  • Fuel Type: Propane gas
  • Number of Main Burners: 5
  • Additional Burners: 9,000 BTU side burner and 12,000 BTU sear burner
  • Total BTU: 71,000
  • Heat Flux: 83
  • Primary Grilling Area ( 602
  • Warming Rack Area ( 193
  • Weight: 106.7 lbs
  • Build Materials: Stainless steela and porcelain-enameled cast iron
  • Dimensions: 62.6″ x 22.05″ x 45.67″ (L x W x H)
  • Warranty: 5 years (burners) or 1 year (other parts)

The Royal Gourmet has a massive enclosed storage area underneath the grilling surface with two doors. It also has two large side tables for prep and drinks. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates provide even and quick heat distribution.

The 5 main burners with 10,000 BTUs each deliver high heat efficiently and evenly. There is also an extra 12,000 BTU sear burner and a handy side burner.

The Double-layer lid provides good heat retention the removable grease tray catches drippings and makes cleaning easy.

What We Love

  • Large grilling area
  • Affordable
  • Plenty of heating power
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Even heat distribution

What We Don’t

  • Takes a while to assemble
  • Only 1-year warranty for most parts

What Can You Get For $1000?

Some of the features that are now “on the table” with a higher grill budget are completely and totally worth every penny. However, some are just extraneous and unnecessary. 

Here are some of our top recommended features for awesome high-end gas grill options:

Extra Burners and Heating Power

This is a no-brainer in the world of grilling!

More burners mean more heat (for that nice charred flavor) and more opportunities to create different heat zones for various types of delicious food. No more waiting so long for food to finish with a few extra burners.

The traditional way to measure a grill’s heating power is BTU (British Thermal Unit). Yet, many grilling experts think that the heat flux gives you a better picture of the actual heating power because it measures the ratio of BTUs to the grilling surface. In general, it is recommended to have a heat flux value of at least 50 BTU/

Electric Igniters

These are fairly standard for most gas grills on the market, but they are not always reliable and durable. When you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can get an igniter that always works with the first try and keeps on doing that for many years to come. 

Electric is far more dependable than a rotary starter or a push-button starter. Lighting your grill up is not something you want to waste time on when you’re ready to start grilling!

Fuel Gauge

No need to pick up your gas can before a BBQ sesh and try to “weigh it” with your hand to see whether or not you’ll make it through the meal without running out. Know with one glance how much fuel remains, and you won’t need to play that guessing game any longer.

Knob and Interior Lights

As the sun goes down, it might be harder to see what you’re doing, and those steaks aren’t going to perfectly cook themselves!

Look for a unit that comes with some lighting options so you will know what you’re doing on that grill night or day.

Rotisserie Kit

If you want to roast a whole chicken or turkey, a rotisserie kit will come in handy. Most grills in this price class don’t have a rotisserie included but for some models (e.g. Weber Genesis) you can get one separately.

chicken on a grill with infrared burner

Long Warranties

Since this is a proper investment, you want it to last. With good care and good research prior to purchasing, you could have this next grill for years and years to come. 

You want a warranty that goes with it!

Spend a little extra on the extended versions, and know that you are fully protected from little burnouts and fritzes with one of the working parts of the grill.

Features That Aren’t Worth It

Even if that extra money is burning a hole in your pocket, some of the pricier add-ons just simply aren’t worth the additional fees. If you’re not going to utilize a feature, then there simply is no reason to waste the money.

Use it on buying delicious ingredients for grilling!

Here are a few unnecessary grill options:

Too Large of a Unit

A great big grill is, well, great… but not if you routinely cook for a small number of people. Sure, you can buy your grill based on one annual party you have, or for a potential get-together “someday,” but just be realistic. 

It’s more expensive in the long run to heat up a massive grill when you are only doing two chicken breasts. Stay rational even if you have a big budget.

Smart Technology

If there is one zone that just doesn’t need “smart” technology, it’s the grill zone. You don’t need screens back there, or else it will be a distraction that will lead you to burn things.

Also, digital or infrared thermometers aren’t often as good as your standard, needle-having, internal meat thermometer.

Final Considerations

The bottom line and most important question to ask yourself before buying a new gas grill is — do I feel excited about this grill?

That’s it!

That is the most important consideration prior to slapping down your credit card and ordering the new rig.

Purchase something that makes you eager to grill. You should be confident that you will actually use the grill. 

If you are intimidated by your new technology or unsure how to use it, you are wasting your money.

Step Up Your Grilling Game

Did you find your favorite grill already?

If you’re having a hard time deciding, go with our top pick Weber Genesis E-325s. It’s a quality product that is durable and easy to use. In addition, the overall look and feel of this grill are very high-end and convenient with an enclosed cart that has plenty of shelf and prep space.

Go ahead and enjoy making mouthwatering meals all summer long on your new top-notch rig!

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