Monument Grills vs Weber

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Monument Grills vs Weber [2024 Comparison]

Weber is often called the king of gas grills. But it’s not the only royalty in town!

Competitors are emerging, focused on quality and innovation. Monument Grills is putting a new spin on the backyard BBQ with its rugged good looks and user-friendly features.

But can it dethrone Weber — a company with 75 years of grilling experience and world-renowned reliability?

While our comparison shows it’s a worthy challenger, Weber is still the overall winner.

Summary of our comparison between Monument Grills and Weber:

Monument Grills – Brand Overview

Monument Grills was founded in 2016 by a team of grilling enthusiasts with more than two decades of manufacturing experience. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, it was rated one of America’s Best Home and Garden Brands for 2022 in the gas grills category.

monument grills

One of their key concepts is that Monument wants you to enjoy the grilling experience. Their focus is on features that eliminate hassles and make every meal an event.

This means that Monument grills are well-appointed with advanced features like a see-through lid, LED control knob back-lighting, and a sophisticated stainless steel finish. Designs are based on customer feedback for a just-right balance of performance, durability, and price.

Where are Monument grills made?

Monument grills are designed in America but manufactured in China. The plant is state-of-the-art and the quality control is tight.

The savings on logistics are reflected in the price, putting money back in the buyer’s pocket.

Weber – Brand Overview

Illinois-based Weber is synonymous with grilling. A leading brand, they’ve captured nearly a quarter of the global market share by producing a wide range of high-quality, ultra-dependable charcoal and gas grills.

Weber logo

Weber is by far a bigger and more popular brand than Monument Grills. So it’s not a surprise that Weber took the number one spot in the gas grills category of earlier mentioned America’s Best Home and Garden Brands 2022.

In general, Weber grills are more expensive than similar Monument Grills products. But Weber grills are also usually more durable and have longer warranties.

Where are Weber grills made?

In business since 1952, some Weber products are still US-made. However, this is not so straightforward as some of the parts are manufactured overseas.

Also, most of the entry-level Weber gas grills are manufactured in China.

If you want to see how Weber compares to some high-end competition, check out our Blaze Grills vs Weber guide.

Monument Grills vs Weber – Gas Grill Comparisons

Next, let’s put Monument Grills and Weber against each other by comparing their entry-level, mid-range, and portable gas grills.

Entry-Level Gas Grills: Weber Spirit II E-210 vs. Monument Grills Mesa 200

Entry-level buyers won’t go wrong with either of these grills. Bestsellers for small families — they’ll elevate your grilling game.

Both of these grills are top performers but Weber is slightly better in almost every aspect. When durability and cooking performance matter most, then the Weber has the edge.

Our pick for an entry-level gas grill is the Weber Spirit II E-210 because of its better durability and grilling performance.

The Spirit II is a sturdy 2-burner grill that is easy and fun to use. Compared to the Mesa 200 it has a heavier and more durable build, a better grease management system, and a longer warranty.

But the Mesa 200 also has advantages that may appeal to some buyers.

The all-stainless design with an enclosed cart looks sleek and modern. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, the nod goes to the Mesa.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Propane Gas Grill

Weber Spirit II E-210

  • Total Grilling Area: 450
  • Number of Main Burners: 2
  • Main Burner BTUs: 26,500
  • Fuel: Propane gas

Monument Grills Mesa 200

Monument Grills Mesa 200

  • Total Grilling Area: 473
  • Number of Main Burners: 2
  • Main Burner BTUs: 24,000
  • Fuel: Propane gas

Design and Build Quality

The Mesa 200’s all-metal construction is attractive and fairly durable. While the burners, lid, cabinet door, and side shelves are made of stainless steel the rest of the frame is made of powder-coated steel.

Fully enclosed, the cabinet keeps the propane tank protected and out of sight.

The Spirit II boasts heavy-duty steel construction. Assembled, it weighs 28 lbs. more than the Mesa with a utilitarian, open cart design.

Ease of Use and Maintenance/Cleaning

Both the Spirit and the Mesa feature porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates for even cooking and quick cleaning. Weber grates, however, are reversible with one side for meats and the other for delicate foods, like fish or pizza — we like that.

The Weber uses disposable drip trays conveniently located beneath the firebox. The Mesa has a reusable grease trap that’s fussy to access but reusable. Both grills fire up like magic with reliable ignitions.

Burners and Temperature Range

The Spirit II features dual burners with a total heat output of 26,500 BTUs. With the lid closed, it reaches 500-550 °F within 15 minutes.

Output on the Mesa 200 is lower at 24,000 BTUs, but the difference is negligible. There is no complaining about its heating power or fuel use.

Grilling Space

The Spirit II offers 360 square inches of grilling space and a 90-square-inch warming rack, accommodating about 12 burgers.

The Mesa 200 is competitively sized with 326 square inches of grilling space and a 147 square-inch warming rack — less room for burgers but more space for toasting buns.

Extra Features

The Mesa’s claim to fame is its Clearview lid. You can check your food anytime without opening it, saving time and fuel.

Other extras include LED lights on the control knobs, two folding side tables, and four rolling casters that make moving the grill a breeze.

The Weber’s two-wheel frame is more cumbersome to reposition, but it offers six handy tool hooks, a built-in fuel gauge, and two side tables — one folding and one stationary.

Rotisserie kits and smoker boxes are available for both the Mesa and Spirit.


Weber Spirit II is covered by a 10-year warranty. This alone tells you that the grill is built to last.

The Mesa 200 has a 8-year warranty on the stainless steel burners but other parts are only covered for 1 year.

Mid-Range Gas Grills: Weber Genesis E-325s vs. Monument Grills Mesa 400

Feeding a big family? Get your grill on with one of these two mid-sized models.

For feeding six-plus people, both grills perform admirably. We like the quality and features of the Weber, but it’s nearly twice the price of the Mesa without the optional side burner. Ouch.

We still like the Weber more, if you can afford it!

The whole Genesis line of grills was redesigned and upgraded in 2022. They now have a taller lid, improved control panel, upgraded caster wheels, and compatibility with Weber’s outdoor kitchen grillware.

Our recommendation is the Weber Genesis E-325s because of its better overall quality and cooking performance. It also has a larger cooking area and a long warranty.

The Genesis E-325s has a sturdy and durable build and is very well designed. The grill also heats up fast and provides even heat across the cooking surface.

However, if you are looking for a big and powerful grill for an affordable price, then the Mesa 400 fits the bill. It’s a stylish unit with great features like the additional side burner.

Weber Genesis E-325s Gas Grill

Weber Genesis E-325s

  • Total Grilling Area: 787
  • Number of Main Burners: 3
  • Main Burner BTUs: 39,000
  • 13,000 BTU sear burner
  • Fuel: Propane/natural gas

Monument Grills Mesa 400

Monument Grills Mesa 400

  • Total Grilling Area: 690
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Main Burner BTUs: 48,000
  • 12,000 BTU side burner
  • Fuel: Propane gas

Design and Build Quality

The build quality of these two models is great. Same as the smaller Mesa 200, the Mesa 400 is a combination of stainless steel and powder-coated steel. The frame of Weber is made with thick painted steel.

Painted steel may be less durable than stainless on lesser grills, but Weber’s paint process is impeccable. The black finish is highly rust- and chip-resistant.

These grills are of similar size, but the Weber weighs 188 pounds compared to the Monument Grill’s 89 pounds. Yes, it means that you need more muscle to move the Weber around, but its thicker and sturdier materials are also more durable and offer better heat retention.

Both the Genesis and the Mesa 400 feature double cabinet doors for propane and other storage.
If space matters, the Weber is 8 inches wider than the Mesa.

Ease of Use and Maintenance/Cleaning

The Mesa 400 is a pleasure to use. The layout is intuitive and the porcelain-coated grates are a cinch to clean. You’ll be grilling in no time without a steep learning curve.

Weber’s Genesis line is similarly equipped but shines in small details like a better grease management system. The Mesa’s grease tray is a bit awkward to remove and can get messy.

Both grills feature a flawless push-button ignition.

Burners and Temperature Range

Power is no problem for the Mesa. With 48,000 BTUs across four burners, it reaches maximum temperatures slightly ahead of the Weber.

The Weber’s three-burner system seems weaker on paper with only 39,000 BTUs. But it has better heat retention and an extra searing burner. In the searing zone, the burners are placed closer together to create a high-powered grilling area for the perfect char on steaks.

Preheating to 500-plus degrees takes less than 15 minutes. Performance varies a bit, however, based on whether the sear zone is on or off.

Grilling Space

Plan your party with the Genesis. Its 787 square inches of total grilling area fits up to 20 burgers plus extras.

The Mesa 400 lags behind with a 690 square-inch primary surface area — the nearly 100 square-inch difference is not insignificant when you’re feeding a crowd.

The Genesis also features an expandable warming grate — unfold it forward to double the holding capacity.

Extra Features

The most notable features on the Mesa are standard, including the Clearview lid, lighted control knobs, and a powerful side burner — a feature you’ll pay extra for on the Genesis.

If you like to spread out while you cook, however, you’ll enjoy the expansive prep tables and tool hooks on the Weber.

The Genesis also has a grate storage system to hold the standard grates when using any of Weber’s alternative cooking accessories. And it’s compatible with Weber’s Smart Connect Grilling Hub that sends temperature notifications to your smartphone. You’ll never burn a burger again.

Need even more extras and accessories for you Weber? No problem!

The Genesis is more versatile than ever because you can now use it with anything included in the new Weber Crafted Outdoor grillware collection. The options include anything from rotisserie sets and pizza stones to roasting baskets.


Weber has upgraded their warranty on the newest line of Genesis grills.

The Genesis E-325s is covered by a 12-year warranty for the cookbox and lid assembly. Most other parts (burner tubes, cooking grates, flavorizer bars, and cooking grates) are covered for 10 years and a few parts for 5 years.

Same as the smaller Mesa 200, the Mesa 400 has an 8-year warranty on the stainless steel burners and only 1 year for the other parts.

Portable Gas Grills: Weber Q1200 vs. Monument Grills 13742

Small but mighty, these tabletop grills are your solution to on-the-road meals.

The difference between these two models comes down to price and cooking performance. Again, the Weber cooks better and costs more, so it’s our recommended portable option.

Our pick for a portable gas grill is the popular Weber Q1200.

While it’s a bit larger compared to the Monument grill, this thoughtfully designed model is perfect for easy and worry-free cooking on the go.

The Monument is also a solid choice that offers two-burner flexibility for an affordable price. Some tailgaters might appreciate the Monument’s larger main cooking area and the versatility of its separate burners.

Weber Q1200

Weber Q1200

  • Total Grilling Area: 345
  • Number of Main Burners: 1
  • Main Burner BTUs: 8,500
  • Fuel: Propane gas

Monument Grills 13742

Monument Grills 13742

  • Total Grilling Area: 207
  • Number of Main Burners: 2
  • Main Burner BTUs: 15,000
  • Fuel: Propane gas

Design and Build Quality

Weber’s Q1200 is designed for anywhere grilling. Made of rust-free cast aluminum, it’s lightweight and portable but full-featured. It operates on 1 lb propane canisters with an optional hose kit for 20-lb. tanks.

Monument’s portable grill is made of stainless steel yet is not much heavier because it lacks accessories. Opposite to the Weber, it’s designed to work with a 20 lb fuel cylinder but has an optional adapter for 1 lb canisters.

Ease of Use and Maintenance/Cleaning

Neither of these grills is complex to operate or clean. The Weber’s center-mounted grease pan is open to air and simple to access.

The Monument is straightforward to use. The rear-mounted grease trap is contained and slips right out for easy cleaning.

Burners and Temperature Range

The Weber has a single, 8500-BTU burner with precision temperature control — one knob does it all.

While it might not sound like a lot of heating power, it’s still enough to make the grill searing hot in minutes. This is due to the great design of the Q1200 grill which also guarantees even heat across the cooking area.

Monument, however, equipped its grill with two independent burners — a plus for finessing different types of food.

Total output is a whopping 15,000 BTU! But the problem here is uneven heat — the grill gets much hotter on the back.

Grilling Space

Capacity is the Monument’s strong point. Its 207 square inches of total cooking area offers plenty of grilling space.

The Weber isn’t far behind with 189 square inches, but the smaller size is noticeable on an already pint-sized grill. However, it has a warming rack with an additional 156 square inches of cooking space.

Extra Features

The Monument grill has no notable features beyond a locking lid and dual burners.

The Weber Q1200, however, has two pop-up side tables and tool hooks, giving it a full-sized feel. A portable full-height grill cart, sold separately, adds another dimension of versatility.


Weber Q1200 is covered by a 5-year warranty for most parts. A few parts are warrantied for only 2 years.

The portable Monument grill comes with a similar warranty to the Mesa grills — 8 years for the stainless steel burners and 1 year for everything else.

Monument Grills vs Weber – Which One to Pick?

Picking up between these two brands is actually pretty easy.

If you want a reliable and well-designed grill that is built to last, choose Weber. If you want to save money but still get a decent gas grill, go for the Monument grills.

The main point is that with Weber and Monument, you get what you pay for — each model included in this guide is worth its price!

Looking for more affordable options? We also have a guide comparing Nexgrill vs Weber.

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