5 Best Electric Smokers Under $300 in 2021 Reviewed

best electric smokers

Electric smokers are a great, easy way to cook smoked foods on a regular basis. It doesn’t cook any faster than other methods, but their super-easy setup and push-button simplicity mean that you’ll use it with greater frequency. Where grills and charcoal smokers need to be babied along and monitored for proper temperatures, electric smokers … Read more

Best Propane Smokers in 2021 Reviewed

best propane gas smokers reviewed

Propane smokers are all about convenience. While purists may like charcoal, there are few advantages to sticking with an old-school smoker. After all, the flavor comes from the wood, something that any smoker is designed to use lots of. Propane units feature “set it and forget it” controls that need very little monitoring or tinkering. … Read more