Review Guidelines and Editorial Process

Here at Grill Smoke Love, we share guides, tips, and recipes related to grilling and smoking. We also review grills, smokers, and other products related to barbecuing.

We fully understand our responsibility for providing truthful information to our readers. It’s essential to use well-designed and safe equipment and ingredients to enjoy cooking and prevent potential hazards.

This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when posting guides, conducting reviews, and making recommendations.

Here you can find information on how we provide our readers with honest and trustworthy information.

Editorial Process and How We Review Products:

1. Test Products & Study Available User Reviews

We always aim to test products that we review. That’s why our review articles often have photos and insights that can only be obtained by thoroughly testing and using the product.

Sometimes one article contains information about several products and we can’t always test all of them. This can be because the product is unavailable or simply too expensive considering our limited resources.

In addition to testing the products ourselves, we also carefully study reviews of other users to determine how good a product is.

This method gives us a good overall perspective on the quality of a product. For example, several negative reviews that mention that a product has rusted easily will affect our review, even if the product that we tested didn’t have this problem.

2. Evaluate Marketing Claims

Brands sometimes make wildly inaccurate marketing claims about their products. For example, some products are marketed as having revolutionary new features that give you x% more of something.

We always aim to test and research the truthfulness of these claims instead of just accepting them and stating them as facts.

3. Consider Product Pricing & Target Market

We always consider the product’s target market and category, and whether it provides value for money.

Grilling is for everyone from beginners to professionals. An affordable product can’t usually be directly compared to a high-end product.

4. Examine Brand History & Reputation

We think that it’s important to consider the reputation and history of the brand and product line, not just one individual product.

For example, if a brand is known for durable products, good customer service, and has a good reputation among consumers it’s likely that their new products are also of high quality.

What We Don’t Do:

1. We Don’t Accept Sponsorship Fees

We never accept sponsorship fees that would affect our reviews in any way. We refuse all such offers and take pride in providing honest and unbiased reviews.

2. We Don’t Publish Reviews or Guides Without Thorough Research

All our guides and review articles are always based on thorough research and we don’t recommend products lightly.