Lynx vs Blaze Grills

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Lynx vs Blaze Grills – Battle of Premium Brands [2023]

When it comes to choosing the perfect grill for your outdoor cooking adventures, you should definitely consider Lynx and Blaze — two premium brands with some of the best gas grills on the market.

Lynx is positioned as a high-end luxury brand — their grills are made in the USA with top-quality materials and innovative design features. On the other hand, Blaze offers both mid and high-end options, delivering great value for money with grills that provide excellent quality and performance.

In this guide, we will dive into the specifics of the design and construction, burners, cooking performance, and special features of the most popular Lynx and Blaze grills. This will help you decide which model is best suited for your backyard.

So let’s compare the best gas grills from Blaze and Lynx to help you make a well-informed decision.

Lynx – Brand Overview

When it comes to luxury grills, Lynx stands out as one of the top brands in the market. Known for their high-quality materials and exceptional design features, these grills cater to those who appreciate the finer aspects of outdoor cooking.

In addition to gas grills, you can customize your outdoor kitchen with Lynx storage units, refrigerators, pizza ovens, and side burners, making this brand an ideal choice for anyone who wants to create a complete high-end outdoor living space.

Take a look at the complete selection of Lynx grills and other outdoor kitchen products at the BBQ Guys online store.

Lynx outdoor kitchen with grill

All Lynx grills are made in the USA, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and longevity. The stainless steel used in their construction is not only aesthetically pleasing but also thick and durable.

Check out this short video clip to get an idea of how to design a complete Lynx outdoor kitchen:

A Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Autumn Feast with Chef Stu Hummel

Lynx gas grills come in two different product lines:

Lynx Sedona Grills: These grills offer excellent cooking performance and ultimate durability at a lower price point than the professional series, making them a great choice for casual grillers who still want the best.

Lynx Professional Grills: The Professional series brings luxury features and pro-level grilling performance to your outdoor kitchen. The included rotisserie systems and smoker boxes make these grills exceptionally versatile.

Lynx offers their grills in a wide range of sizes, including 30-, 36-, 42-, and 54-inch widths. This variety ensures that you can find the perfect grill to suit your outdoor cooking needs.

Blaze – Brand Overview

Blaze is a very popular choice for backyard chefs looking for a mid to high-end outdoor kitchen brand. They offer a range of durable grills with great features that are designed for both beginners and expert grill enthusiasts alike.

While putting together your dream outdoor kitchen, keep in mind that Blaze offers more than just their grill lineup. There are also other outdoor kitchen products like access doors, storage drawers, and side burners to complete your setup.

You can find a great selection of Blaze grills and outdoor kitchen equipment at the BBQ Guys online store.

Blaze outdoor kitchen with grill

Made with premium materials like 304 stainless steel, Blaze grills have a sleek appearance and are built to last. The lifetime warranty on these grills gives you the peace of mind you need when investing in a new outdoor appliance.

Blaze gas grill product lines are:

Blaze Premium LTE: The Premium LTE series offers stylish and durable gas grills that deliver excellent value for money. They come with premium features like grill grates made with 9 mm thick triangular rods and an infrared rear burner.

Blaze Professional LUX: The Blaze Professional grills have bigger and heavier burners, more durable construction, thicker cooking grates, and extra features like rotisserie kits that are included in the package.

Just like with Lynx grills, you can choose from standalone or built-in outdoor grill configurations in various sizes when buying a Blaze grill.

Lynx vs Blaze – Grill Comparisons

First, we will compare the more affordable Lynx Sedona and Blaze Premium LTE gas grills. But make no mistake, these grills are not cheap — they offer a great cooking experience while still fitting in the budget of the majority of serious backyard chefs.

Next up are the Lynx Professional and Blaze Professional LUX grills — these are luxurious, top-of-the-line rigs with all the extra features you can imagine.

If you want more premium gas grills to choose from, check out our Blaze vs Bull grills comparison.

Blaze Premium LTE vs Lynx Sedona (Stand-Alone or Built-In)

Choosing between these two excellent grills is not easy — consider your budget, cooking style, and personal values before buying.

The Blaze Premium LTE is our top pick because it’s built with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is still a much more affordable option.

However, if you want a grill that is American-made and comes pre-assembled, then the Lynx Sedona is just what you need.

NOTE: We will review the 32 and 30-inch stand-alone units below, but both grills are also available in bigger size options and as built-in models. You can easily choose your desired configuration in the BBQGuys online store.

Blaze Premium LTE 32 Inch

Blaze Premium LTE

  • Total Grilling Area: 715
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Main Burner BTUs: 56,000
  • Infrared Rear Burner
  • Internal Halogen Lights
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fuel: Propane/natural gas

Lynx Sedona Gas Grill

Lynx Sedona

  • Total Grilling Area: 733
  • Number of Main Burners: 2
  • Main Burner BTUs: 46,000
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Internal & External Grill Lights
  • Lifetime warranty for most parts
  • Fuel: Propane/natural gas

Design and Build Quality

While the design and overall quality of both grills is excellent, there are some differences. Both have a cabinet design but one of the main differences is that the Sedona comes fully assembled for easy set up.

The Blaze Premium LTE grill exterior is made from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel with a double-lined grill hood, ensuring good heat retention, durability, and longevity. The exterior of the Lynx Sedona grill is made of thick gauge 201 stainless steel with seamless welded construction to eliminate any gaps to provide better heat retention.

It’s noteworthy that 304 stainless steel is more corrosion-resistant than the 201 because of its higher nickel content.

The interior components of the Sedona are made of 304-grade stainless but Blaze goes one step further and uses 443 stainless for certain interior components. The 443 stainless steel has better durability during repeated heating and cooling phases.

Ease of Use and Maintenance/Cleaning

Both grills are designed for a great user experience from start to finish.

The Blaze Premium LTE has an easy-to-use ignition system, precise temperature control, and a full-width drip tray for easy cleaning. The Lynx Sedona also features a reliable ignition system, great temperature control, and an excellent grease management system.

Burners and Temperature Range

The Blaze Premium LTE features 4 stainless steel burners, each producing 14,000 BTUs. The 30-inch Lynx Sedona only has two burners — one ProSear infrared burner and one stainless steel tube burner with a total of 46,000 BTUs.

There is also an option to have the Sedona with two conventional burners instead of the infrared one. And if you want more burners, you can always choose a bigger 36 or 42-inch Sedona grill.

Both grills definitely have enough firepower to give your steaks a nice sear, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Grilling Space

Having enough grilling space is an essential factor when choosing the perfect grill.

The Blaze grill provides a generous 715 square inches of total cooking space while the Sedona has slightly more, offering a total of 733 square inches.

Again, if you wanna cook for a crowd, both grills are also available in bigger sizes.

Extra Features

In addition to the standard features, both grills also boast some unique extras.

The Blaze Premium LTE comes with a rear infrared burner and grill lights, adding a touch of versatility and convenience to your grilling experience. Meanwhile, the Lynx Sedona offers some exceptional design features, such as an adjustable ProSear burner for a great sear and both internal halogen lights and external LED control panel lights for nighttime cooking.


The Blaze Premium grills have a lifetime warranty covering any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of all stainless steel components. Electrical and ignition have a one-year warranty.

The Lynx Sedona comes with the following warranty:

  • 12 years: Stainless steel tube burners.
  • 5 years: Grates, warming racks, spit rods, briquette trays, manifolds, and gas valves.
  • 2 years: All other components.

One notable difference in the warranties is that while Blaze only covers the parts, labor is not included. For Lynx grills labor is also included for one year.

Blaze Professional LUX vs Lynx Professional (Stand-Alone or Built-In)

Now it’s time to look at the top products from both brands. These grills have everything you could wish for from infrared burners and rotisserie kits to internal and external grill lights.

The Blaze Professional LUX is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a luxurious and stylish gas grill with great features and a professional-level cooking experience.

Lynx Professional is the more expensive option but has some unique features like innovative ceramic burners, Trident infrared searing burners, and a three-speed rotisserie system.

NOTE: We will review the 34 and 30-inch stand-alone units below, but both grills are also available in bigger size options and as built-in models.

Blaze Professional LUX Gas Grill

Blaze Professional LUX

  • Total Grilling Area: 816
  • Number of Main Burners: 3
  • Main Burner BTUs: 54,000
  • Rotisserie Kit + Infrared Burner
  • Internal & External Lights
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fuel: Propane/natural gas

Lynx Professional Gas Grill

Lynx Professional

  • Total Grilling Area: 840
  • Number of Main Burners: 4
  • Main Burner BTUs: 48,000
  • Rotisserie Kit + Infrared Burner
  • Internal & External Lights
  • Lifetime warranty for most parts
  • Fuel: Propane/natural gas

Design and Build Quality

These five-star grills present impeccable design and craftsmanship from top to bottom. Both grills look stylish and are made with thick and durable 304 stainless steel.

While the Blaze Professional LUX already has everything you could wish for, the Pricier Lynx has some fine details like polished mirrored edges on the stainless steel lid. It also has small details like the spring assist system and fluid-rotating handle that make opening and closing the heavy lid smooth and easy.

Ease of Use and Maintenance/Cleaning

Both of these luxurious grills have features that make grilling fun and easy and clean up a breeze.

The removable, full-width drip trays provide effortless cleanup, and keeping the stainless steel surfaces clean and shiny doesn’t require too much effort.

Burners and Temperature Range

The Blaze Professional LUX is equipped with cast stainless steel burners, each producing 18,000 BTUs.

The Lynx Professional utilizes one proprietary cast ceramic burner with a 25,000 BTU output and a 23,000 BTU Trident infrared burner. The cast ceramic burners in the Lynx grill offer a unique and more consistent flame while the infrared burner provides a wider temperature range for versatile cooking.

However, the 34-inch Blaze has three main burners while the 30-inch Lynx only has two. Having more burners means more options for creating heat zones to grill different types of food items at the same time. But of course, you can always get the 36-inch Lynx (or an even bigger one) if you are willing to pay more.

Grilling Space

As for grilling space, the Blaze Professional LUX 34-inch grill provides ample space for all your grilling needs with 816 square inches of total cooking area. The Lynx Professional 30-inch grill, although slightly smaller, has a larger total cooking area because of its bigger warming rack.

Both units have heavy stainless steel cooking grates. The Lynx grates are made with 9.5 mm stainless rods but Blaze tops this off with its 12 mm thick hexagonal cooking rods made for great sear marks and maximum durability.

Extra Features

Both grills have LED lights on the control knobs and integrated halogen lights for better visibility at night.

Both also come with sturdy rotisserie systems and separate rotisserie infrared burners. Lynx Professional also includes a premium smoker box, and there is a rotisserie basket available for roasting anything from veggies and potatoes to chicken wings.

The Lynx Professional also has ceramic briquettes that ensure even heat distribution across the main cooking grid. The briquettes can be easily cleaned by turning them over and turning up the flame to burn off any food residue.


The warranties of these grills are similar to Blaze Premium LTE and Lynx Sedona.

Blaze comes with a lifetime warranty while Lynx warranty is 12, 5, or 2 years depending on the part but includes labor related to any replacements for one year.

Blaze vs Lynx – Final Thoughts

Both Lynx and Blaze grills offer top-of-the-line features, making them excellent options for your outdoor kitchen. So choosing between the models included in this guide can be difficult!

While all four options are durable and well-designed stainless steel grills, the main differences are in the details like burners, extra features, and where the grills are manufactured.

Do you want the best value for your money? Or are you looking for an American-made grill with the most innovative technology?

The choice ultimately depends on your preferences — how much you prioritize luxury features — and your budget.

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