Best Gas Grills with Rotisserie Burner in 2021

Your backyard grill can replace almost every cooking appliance in your house. But their utility at grilling very large pieces of meat is limited. 

Enter the rotisserie – a cooking method that’s been used for thousands of years with perfect results. Cook whole chickens, turkeys or turkey breasts, gyros, and more at your own patio-side BBQ rotisserie restaurant.

Our recommendations for Best Rotisserie Grills:

Best Gas Grills with Rotisseries Reviewed

We have chosen different types of gas grills with rotisserie in this guide. Whether you are looking for a premium grill with all the fancy features you can wish for, a more budget-friendly option, or a compact model that you can fit on your balcony, you can find something suitable here.

Some of the more affordable options don’t include a separate rotisserie burner but they can still get the job done nicely.

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