Bavette Steak: What Is It, How to Cook It + A Delicious Recipe

bavette steak with chimichurri

Who hasn’t thought that there’s nothing new and exciting about beef? When it comes to grilling, it’s the go-to protein of choice. But just when you think you’d tried it all, along comes a new cut. Have you heard of bavette steak? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. This delicious cut isn’t very common, giving … Read more

Meat Temperature Guide for Safe and Tasty Cooking

meat temperature guide

One of the most underrated tools in your kitchen drawer is the ordinary meat thermometer. When paired with a detailed meat temperature guide, the thermometer becomes your best friend.  You never have to worry about cutting into an undercooked turkey or charring your steak until it’s dry and unappetizing. That thermometer is your key to … Read more

What are Wagyu and Kobe Beef – All You Need to Know

What are Wagyu and Kobe Beef?

In the world of premium steaks, there’s no substitute for the best. Commanding hundreds of dollars per steak, Kobe beef is perhaps one of the world’s most exclusive brand names.  Chances are you’ve seen it on restaurant menus and even at the butcher counter, but are you getting the real deal? There’s a lot of … Read more