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Which Gas Grills are Made in the USA?

Figuring out which grills are made in the United States isn’t as easy as you might think. Just because a manufacturer is based in the US does not mean that they build their products here, and just because they assemble the grill here does not mean that its parts were made here.

There are a ton of advantages to doing research and finding an American-made grill. In many cases, it’s an excellent way to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product.

But, as with many things, it can get a bit complicated and time-consuming. But don’t worry, I have done the research for you!

So here’s a look at the advantages of US-made grills and a list of companies committed to keeping their manufacturing local.

Why Buy a Gas Grill Made in the USA?

We live in a world of globally-sourced products. Globalization has enabled everyone to afford a beautiful, full-featured gas grill, but it has come at an unfortunate price. These products that fill every big box store are not built to last a lifetime.

A painful truth in the modern world is that many of these offshore manufacturers’ goods will wind up in landfills. For some, that end comes sooner rather than later.

Quality is at the top of our minds when we shop for a high-end grill. If we’re going to lay out our hard-earned cash, we want to know the product will last, that we can get replacement parts if we need them, and that its production supports local jobs and industry.

Here is a summary of why American-made grills are worth the investment:

  • Quality: Higher manufacturing standards and quality assurance means that the overall quality of American-made grills is generally much higher than products made in China.
  • Reliability: Rigorous monitoring and testing of the products means that every part of the grill is more likely to perform exactly as it should so there will be fewer incidents of broken and malfunctioning parts.
  • Longevity: Made with quality materials like thick and expertly crafted stainless steel, American grills just last much longer.
  • Service and Maintenance: Brands that still make their grills in the US usually offer long warranties and excellent customer service. This means that if you have a problem, you’re not left alone but will receive the help and replacement parts that you need.
  • Economy: Supports the US economy and creates job security for Americans.

Getting all these things might cost a little more in the short term, but if the grill lasts a lifetime, we will save money in the end.

List of American-Made Grills

It’s not always that easy to find a truly American-made grill. Sometimes the information is not easily available — especially with brands that have many product lines and some are made in the USA and others overseas.

So let’s take a proper look at companies that put extra effort into building the best grills with the best parts. We’ll start with the bigger and more famous brands that are widely available. Later in the list, we’ll also cover smaller manufacturers whose products might be harder to find.


Made in Huntley, Illinois (from “US and globally sourced components”)

Weber has built their brand reputation on making high-quality American grills. The company was founded and is still headquartered in Illinois.

Unfortunately, like many major grill manufacturers, nearly all of their grills are now made from internationally-sourced components.

weber summit gas grill
Weber Summit Gas Grills are assembled in the USA

Weber has a huge selection of gas grills — portable gas grills, built-in gas grills, standalone gas grills, and of course a host of charcoal grills like the famous Weber Kettle.

Their entry-level grills are made overseas. According to their website, the only grills made in the US (still from “globally-sourced components”) are their charcoal grills, Summit gas grills, and the SmokeFire Pellet Grill.

Availability: You can find Weber grills on BBQGuys online store and Amazon.


Made in Industry, California

Alfresco makes high-end stainless grills for cart and outdoor kitchen mounting. They sell three lines of grills — the Alfresco models are decked out with all the bells and whistles. The two Artisan lines, the American Eagle and the Professional Series, are likewise loaded with great features.

Their grills have enormous U-shaped burners, angled ceramic briquette heat distribution systems, and optional infrared burners.

The company manufactures a full line of outdoor kitchen appliances, not just grills. You’ll also find refrigerators, pizza ovens, sinks, and drawers to complete your al fresco cooking experience. All of Alfresco’s products are built at their factory in the City of Industry, California.

Availability: You can find Alfresco/Artisan grills on BBQGuys online store.

Summerset Grills (Alturi Series)

Made in Huntington Beach, California

Another maker of premium built-in and freestanding gas grills, Summerset is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. Their Alturi series grills and components have been made there since the company was founded in 2002.

Summerset also offers more affordable grills like the Sizzler and TRL series that are made overseas.

In addition to making grills, the company has a complete lineup of outdoor kitchen components, from refrigerators, vent hoods, and ovens to storage solutions.

Availability: You can find Summerset grills on BBQGuys online store.

American Made Grills (by Summerset)

Made in Huntington Beach, California

Summerset of Huntington Beach, California, owns American Made Grills. As their name implies, these grills are all made in the US.

The American Made Grills line includes hybrid options, which offer traditional gas, infrared, and charcoal cooking under one grill hood. They also have a line of gas-only models ranging from 30 to 42 inches. All grills come as both built-in and freestanding cart models.

Availability: You can find American Made Grills on BBQGuys online store.

American Outdoor Grill (AOG)

Made in Industry, California

AOG is one of four brands owned by RH Peterson Company, which has been building quality grills and gas products in the City of Industry, California, since 1949. American Fyre Designs and Real Fyre gas logs make outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, accents, and accessories. More about their other grill line, FireMagic, in a moment.

AOG makes two lines of gas grills, one with an electric ignition (L-series) and one with push-button Piezo ignition (T-series). They come in either freestanding cart models, built-it, or on pedestals. All grills are made with the finest stainless steel to exacting standards and come with an outstanding assortment of features.

Availability: You can find AOG grills on BBQGuys online store.


Made in Industry, California

FireMagic is also owned by RH Peterson. They make a range of superior quality gas grills, both built-in and freestanding, and outdoor kitchen appliances. The company also offers charcoal and electric grills.

All FireMagic grills are crafted in the USA with the best heavy-gauge stainless steel components.

Availability: You can find FireMagic grills on BBQGuys online store and Amazon.

Broil King

Made in various locations in the USA

Broil King is a well-known brand of gas grills, but they also make pellet grills, smokers, and a wide range of accessories and outdoor cookware. Broil King’s products are all made in North America, with plants in Huntington, Indiana; Dickson, Tennessee; and Waterloo, Ontario.

The brand is owned by Onward Manufacturing, which has been building in America since 1906.

Broil King offers some of the most affordable American made gas grills on the market. Check our comparison of Broil King vs Weber grills to find more information about this brand and what type of models they offer.

Availability: You can find Broil King grills on BBQGuys online store and Amazon.


Made in Belleville, Illinois

Broilmaster makes freestanding gas, charcoal, and infrared grills. The premium P-series and deluxe H-series grills are for all-around cooking, the Q-series for slow cooking, and the R-series for infrared searing.

The brand is owned by Empire Comfort Systems of Belleville, Illinois, which also makes Primo ceramic grills. According to its website, the company prefers North American suppliers and assembles all its products at one of its two factories outside St. Louis.

Availability: You can find Broilmaster grills on BBQGuys online store.

Lynx Grills

Made in Greenwood, Mississippi

Lynx was founded in 1996 by veteran commercial appliance manufacturers who wanted to bring that quality to the consumer market. The company, based in Greenwood, Mississippi, makes professional grills and outdoor kitchen appliances.

They make gas grills under the Professional and Sedona lines. Both have best-in-class features and are built to the highest standards. Take a look at our comparison of Lynx vs Blaze grills for more details.

Lynx is owned by Middleby Corporation and while the grills were formerly built in California the manufacturing operations have been recently moved to Greenwood, Mississippi.

Availability: You can find Lynx grills on BBQGuys online store.

TEC Grills

Made in Columbia, South Carolina

TEC (Thermal Engineering Corporation) Grills are famously the inventors of infrared cooking technology. That was forty years ago, and while many other companies have their version of the technology, TEC still has a reputation for making the best.

Unlike most others, these infrared grills can cook low, too — as low as 200 degrees. So, while all other makers simply install one infrared burner and call it done, TEC makes unique 100-percent infrared grills. In addition to built-in and freestanding infrared gas grills, TEC makes other outdoor kitchen appliances like refrigerators, doors, and drawers to match.

All TEC products are manufactured in Columbia, South Carolina.

Availability: You can find TEC grills on BBQGuys online store.

Twin Eagles

Made in Cerritos, California

The Twin Eagles grill brand is owned by Dometic, a Swedish brand that makes various mobile living, food, and beverage appliances. Twin Eagles is based — and all their grills are built in — California, however.

Twin Eagles makes some beautiful, high-end grills — not just gas models, they also make some of the best built-in pellet grills on the market as well as excellent flat-top grills. Plus, they make outdoor kitchen accessories like side burners, refrigerators, and warming drawers.

Availability: You can find Twin Eagles grills on BBQGuys online store.


Made in Anaheim, California

Hestan offers a variety of high-end stainless steel grills as built-in models and on carts. Their grills are built from scratch at the company Headquarters in Anaheim, California.

They also have wide selection of indoor and outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories from refrigerators and coocktops to ventilation and ovens.

Availability: You can find Hestan grills on BBQGuys online store.

MHP Chefs Choice

Made in founded in the 1950s by Walter Koziol

Modern Home Products (MHP) Chefs Choice grills are durable aluminum cast units backed by a lifetime warranty.

This family-owned company was founded in the 1950s by Walter Koziol and still operates from Antioch, Illinois where the Chefs Choice grills are also crafted.

Availability: You can find MHP grills on BBQGuys online store.


Made in Butler, Wisconsin

ProFire makes professional-grade outdoor kitchen appliances, including drop-in gas grills and carts. Sizes range from 36 to 48 inches. They also make an indoor infrared grill and a line of refrigerators for outdoor kitchens.

ProFire products are made in the US by MHP. The company’s other brands include Phoenix, Dragon Fire, and Everglow.

Availability: You can find ProFire grills on BBQGuys online store.


Made in Butler, Wisconsin

Made by MHP’s ProFire division, the Phoenix Grills are affordable stainless steel units that come on a pedestal cart.

Availability: You can find Phoenix grills on BBQGuys online store.


Made in Greenwood, Mississippi

Viking is a well-known maker of high-end kitchen appliances. They’re especially well known for their professional-grade gas ranges. Nearly all of Viking’s products, including their grills, are made in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Viking brings that same level of cooking quality to your outdoor kitchen for your open-air patio. They make a line of surface cooking appliances, including 13 and 20-inch side burners. In addition, their built-in 5 Series gas grills go from 30 to 56 inches, so there’s one that’s right for every outdoor counter.


Made in Cerritos, California

Wolf makes built-in grills for the luxury outdoor kitchen. Their sizes range from 30 to 54 inches. Carts are available for grills up to 42 inches. The brand also makes a full line of kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and vacuum sealers to ranges and microwaves.

Wolf is one of three brands founded by Sub-Zero, which revolutionized home refrigeration in the 1940s. Today, Sub-Zero also owns Wolf cooking appliances and Cove dishwashers.

But who actually makes the Wolf grills, and where? The grills are US-made in California — but by Twin Eagles. Wolf grills are sold only through distributors, so if you’re having trouble getting your hands on one, check out Twin Eagles.

Delta Heat

Made in Cerritos, California

Delta Heat offers grills and outdoor kitchen equipment which are designed and manufactured by the experts at Twin Eagles, Inc.

While Delta Heat and Twin Eagles are sister brands, there are some notable differences in their products. Delta Heat grills are generally more affordable and smaller compared to Twin Eagles units.


Made in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as a custom sheet metal shop in 1906 this company now offers premium quality grills and outdoor kitchen products. Claiming to make the highest performance gas grills on the market, their products are also some of the most expensive you can find!

Kalamazoo has some innovative designs like their Dual-Fuel Grill that allow you to cook with charcoal and wood in addition to gas.

All Kalamazoo grills, cabinets, and pizza ovens are built to order in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Are There Any High-Quality Grills Made Outside of the USA?

While many of the best high-end grills are made in the USA, there are some brands that offer excellent products that are made overseas.

First, I have to mention Napoleon, a company that makes some of their grills in North America (Ontario, Canada & Kentucky, USA). For example, the Prestige and Prestige PRO lines are made in Canada with high-quality materials. But the more affordable models (e.g. Rogue line) are made in their manufacturing plants overseas.

Blaze is one of my favorite gas grill brands with a range of premium stainless steel units. Their grills are made with durable and reliable parts and are covered with a lifetime warranty. One great thing is that considering all of the features and overall quality of their products, they are very competitively priced.

Another high-end grill brand Coyote also has a nice selection of gas, charcoal, and pellet grills as well as outdoor kitchen appliances and fixtures.

Take a look at my comparison of Blaze vs Coyote grills for more information about these brands.

But of course, there are also these brands like American Gourmet that make cheap gas grills for the masses. Made with plastic or thin painted metal and generally low-quality components, they start rusting and breaking apart easily.

The main problems with these types of cheap grills are:

  • They are not reliable and often malfunction.
  • They don’t last more than a few years.
  • There are no replacement parts available — if it breaks, you throw it away.
  • They consume more gas because of poor thermal insulation.
  • The grills usually have short warranties.

As you might guess, you can easily end up ruining your dinner when cooking with this kind of unreliable unit. Also, if you are conscious of the environment, it’s much better to invest in a durable grill that consumes less fuel and lasts for a lifetime.

So if you have the budget, it makes a lot more sense to buy a proper American-made grill!

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